Waking Up (November 2016 – January 2017)

Psychic Journal Post – Waking Up

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time to wake up

Waking Up (November 2016 – January 2017)

As we go into November, the energies are creating some tension, but also we may be feeling a bit antsy at this time. For those who have been waiting a long time for a particular situation to reach it’s conclusion, more information is on it’s way. Some individuals may be able to celebrate a successful outcome, and with this will come a strong sense of FREEDOM. Others however may continue on to feel somewhat frustrated by a situation that never seems to reach resolution and is subject to delays. There is good reason for this however, although this may not be apparent until around February time of next year.

Wake up calls may come for some, and while any shocks may be difficult to digest initially, it is likely to lead to a course correction. After all, there is no point in being on the wrong track if it leads to nowhere. New beginnings are ahead, but with that comes new challenges, and we may encounter situations that we have never experienced before. This may be somewhat daunting for some individuals who may need to make sacrifices to appease others, while for other individuals it will be an exciting and exhilarating time. Those who are bold and brave are likely to be very well rewarded for their actions, so rather than stand meekly in the background, don’t be afraid to get involved. We can expect to hear many stories of bravery in the news through this time.

The Holiday Season will soon be upon us, and with that we can expect a few surprises and unexpected gifts, whereby the recipient may need a good sense of humour. It is the season to be jolly, and the Universe intends to show us this. Going into 2017, it will be decision time and prompt action will be necessary. We may either feel reassurred by events, or we may become somewhat disillusioned, but either way, by June, many individuals can expect to feel blessed by a fortunate turn of events. Release, relief, and reconstruction are keywords for 2017.

Until Next Time, Enjoy The Journey 🙂


You had a plan, but now it’s time to draw up a new one, and you are going to like your new plan more. Being honest about your feelings looks set to bring you a reward, so don’t hold back Aries, say it as you feel it. A financial gain will come your way through a game of chance. Seeing a horse near a place of worship shows that you have a distance to go but your wishes will come true. So make a wish this Holiday season, and look forward to seeing it materialise by August.


You’ve been so busy Taurus, but now it’s time for you to slow down and take in the view. A surprise awaits you when you do and you will wonder why you didn’t notice before. The number 9 links to a missed meeting or appointment. A visit to a female relative will bring a revelation that relates to your family history. A last minute invite will lead you to have fun in the snow or on ice. Expect romance along with a confession around a log fire or close to a source of heat.


So you have been playing a guessing game Gemini, but after a bit of snooping, what you see next is about to give you the answer that has long evaded you. A disappointment maybe, but at least now you get to move on to what truly inspires you. The colour purple is significant and around you when you enter a building that is close to water. Following this, a new role awaits you. Children figure prominently and so does candyfloss and popcorn – don’t forget to leave some for the children Gemini!


Will it be much of the same? or will things change? Revelations are on the way and you are going to discover that a dream can come true. Your home life features strongly over the coming months, and some Cancerians will be uprooting and moving to a new location. Significant opportunities come through a strong male character who enters your life and instigates change. This is not a time to hide in your shell, but rather it is a time to let your light shine brightly Cancer, and as you do, you can expect to be noticed by those who matter most.


Is it the end of an era Leo, or is it the end of an error? Whatever has angered or upset you in recent times, expect to see an ending quickly followed by a fresh start. A close one is about to show you another side to their character, which will have you watching in amazement. Health matters come into focus, and dietary habits may need to be reviewed through this time. Love and romance feature strongly, but it may help to lower expectations in order to avoid a disappointment. All may not be as it seems, so withhold judgement until you are certain Leo, as a close one is going to surprise you. This holiday season brings you gifts of wine, and a hamper full of tasty treats.


Going round in circles irritates you, and here you are again, back at the same place from where you started. Perhaps you need a better navigation system Virgo! You will be called upon to play a supporting role for a family member, and this will please you tremendously as it seems to give you the chance to talk about an issue that is close to your heart. News of a pregnancy or birth will reach your ears comes via a close female friend. Fake friends are in your midst now, so keep eyes wide open for the tell tale signs such as jealousy or snide comments. Candles, flowers, and bathroom items will be amongst your gifts.


For you Libra, its time to take a leap of faith, and trust that the Universe really does know where it is leading you. Events may seem to occur out of the order that you would have preferred them to happen in, and this leaves you having to rely greatly on HOPE rather than a CERTAINTY that all will work out well. There is much going on in the background that still has to reveal itself yet, and there are one or two more obstacles to overcome but come January you are going to be back in control again, as the Universe sets you free. Expect a huge release of all that’s held you back, and then to feel catapulted into your future. Do feel the love around you this Holiday season!


There does appear to be an ending for you Scorpio, which may be the end of a relationship or a situation as you have once known it. You have adjustments to make mentally and emotionally, but through this period you are going to be gathering strength. By February, you will be feeling on par again, and ready to make things happen in your life. A new influence in your life will enable you to view a situation that has needed to change differently. A conversation with a stranger will also be an eye opener. Rein deers, and rabbits figure prominently in your life this holiday season, and don’t forget to wear that fancy dress costume Scorpio – it suits you!


Fixtures and fittings, bathrooms and lights, all seem to feature greatly in your life now. Perhaps you are moving or simply considering revamping your home, but whatever you think won’t go to plan, is going to prove much easier than you may believe. The Universe is fully supporting the moves you make at this time, so instead of worrying, try to embrace the situation that is before you, and aim to have fun with it! You will be surprised at how neatly everything falls into place – it is FATE Sagittarius! Tortoises, terrapins, and hamsters figure, and are there for you to see, but you might also take one home with you. Happy Holidays and this year it truly will be HAPPY!


Slow down and think twice Capricorn – that is your motto for this time. The more you try to push forward at this time, the more you seem to find that the hurdles have become higher to jump. It is the Universe’s way of keeping you on track however, so whatever is holding you back now, is doing so for good reason. Funds may be difficult to find now or to get hold of, but the flow of money becomes easier in February. This will be a time when plans may go awry especially if reliant upon another person and someone looks set to leave your life unexpectedly or quickly. Spending time with friends and family this holiday season puts you in touch with learning about a new system that will be of benefit to you as you go through 2017.


Love, laughter and happiness – that is all you want Aquarius, and it does seem that your wish is about to be granted for a while at least. Expect a reversal, and a broken promise, but this leads to a much better plan being put in place in January. You may need to forgive a friend, but you will find it difficult to forget their actions. Give peace a chance Aquarius, and you will get that apology. You will be called upon to help a mother figure, and children will prove to be a blessing in your life. Perhaps it will be you making an announcement, but if not, someone close has a special announcement to make that is sure to make you smile. Slippers, socks, and pretty pink underwear will be amongst your Holiday presents this year.


All is about to be revealed Pisces, and you are going to like it very much! You will certainly feel that the Universe has been protecting you, even though it hasn’t seemed that way in recent times. It is time to start walking the talk as now is a time that everything can begin to fall into place for you. New jobs and new commitments are in store, and you are sure to be feeling far more confident of your position than you have been in recent times. A close one looks set to surprise you with their loyalty and how far they will go for you. You may feel overwhelmed by displays of love and affection at this time but nevertheless you are going to enjoy all of the attention that you receive and you may even find yourself going weak at the knees Pisces! Enjoy the Holidays!

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