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My name is Jane. I have always been psychic, however, during my childhood I wasn’t consciously aware that I had the ‘gift’.

As I grew older, I was to some extent aware that I could predict the future, as my feelings and thoughts that pertained to the lives of family members and friends always seemed to prove true, but logically I just thought it was co-incidence or that I was just somehow very clever to have known what was going to happen. I would often find myself ‘day dreaming’ and seeing clear visions, however, at that time, I wasn’t aware that it was my clairvoyance.

With my lack of understanding, my clairvoyance and mediumship actually led me to suffer with anxiety during my late teenage years. Around that time, I had numerous ‘weird’ encounters, such as seeing rooms begin to change in appearance before my eyes, seeing lights around people, and experiencing strange feelings as though I wasn’t in the physical world. I also encountered visits from Spirits too on numerous occasions. My empathy also meant that when others around me were feeling ill, I too, would often find myself experiencing their symptoms, but at that time, I didn’t know why or how that could be.

I always had a vague feeling that there was something about me that I didn’t know, but I could never work out what that was because I had always looked outside of myself for what I thought I needed and wanted in life.

Spiritual Awakening

My own spiritual awakening truly began in 2000 as I began to explore my Spirituality. As I came to understand my ‘gift’, I learnt to work with Spirit. I was fortunate to have several spiritual teachers initially, but found that the greatest teacher came from within myself – my SOUL and Spirit Guides, and so I am mainly SELF taught.

I personally believe that we are all naturally psychic, I see it in many people, however, I have also come to learn that we can only become fully aware of the ability, if and when we are drawn to look inside ourselves. It is a long process to gain true awareness and understanding of Spirit, and that awareness is only gained through life experiences. It isn’t something that we can choose to believe and understand overnight. A sceptical person can’t believe or understand, simply because they have not evolved to the level of awareness at which they can believe.

Spiritual Pathway

I remember when I was first starting out on my spiritual pathway when I lived in Somerset and I attended a Sunday workshop at the late Bill Harrison’s Healing Sanctuary. During the course of the day, we was set several tasks that were designed to help us recognise our psychic ability. For one of the tasks, I had to give a tarot reading to a lady that I had only just met that day, and surprisingly to me and even to her, I was spot on with the insights I gave her. So I was off to a good start, but later, when I needed to give an intuitive response to a question that Bill asked without the help of a tarot card, I found myself trying to get my mind around it as logically I just couldn’t work out what I was meant to say in response. Bill said to me ‘Jane you CAN do this’, and I said, ‘No I can’t, I don’t understand it’, but Bill still insisted that I could DO it. He proved to be right – it just took another 4 months before I could begin to get my mind around it. I know now that I was looking outwards for my response instead of inwards, which is why it was a bit mind boggling at the time.

As time passed I recognised that I had a very strong gift, and that is my ability to WRITE the future. The gift I have is very NATURAL, and it became the way that I prefer to work with Spirit.

I am 54 years old now, (updated 2019) and spiritually, I have grown tremendously over the years, and have also gained a deep understanding of how the Universe works in our lives. I no longer view life as I once used to, indeed through all that I have learnt and come to understand through my own experiences, my whole perspective has changed totally . . .


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