Acceptance (July – September 2017)

Psychic Journal Post – Acceptance

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Acceptance (July – September 2017)

The pace of life is going to feel quite fast through this time, whereby changes will occur rapidly in the lives of many individuals. We will benefit more by having a flexible attitude rather than to have fixed ideas of how things should be. Going with the flow instead of trying to force people, situations, etc. to be the way we would like will prove to be the best way forward.

It is a time to be ACCEPTING of situations and circumstances that we may not be able to alter and to UNDERSTAND that there is always a higher purpose for our experiences, and that includes the negative ones too. Our compassionate natures are more likely to come to the fore now, and we will be more inclined to forgive, rather than to hold a grudge. While it may not be easy to FORGET, the important thing in every situation that we encounter is to look for the lesson in it and learn from it.

Some individuals may find that their current circumstances change instantly. Significant people may suddenly decide to walk away from relationships, situations, etc. There will most certainly be a few shocks and surprises, along with the completely unexpected. And so it is a time to be prepared for almost ANYTHING. It is a time in which we may discover who our true friends are as information that comes to light will be truly revealing. We will be more inclined to feel grateful for whatever is brought out into the open, rather than resentful or angry. Other individuals, may feel tempted to fight for a cause that they truly believe in, but information will be sparse, and that will make it a somewhat frustrating experience until the month of November.

We may find that people we had given up on suddenly reappear in our lives, and while for some individuals these people will want to reconnect for positive reasons; for others, some may be driven by greed and the need to gain materially or financially from the connection. Trusting our intuition and gut feeling at this time will help us to avoid being led up a garden path or towards an undesirable situation that creates a difficult set of circumstances.

The tensions may rise quite frequently through this time period. We may feel overwhelmed at times and the tears may flow for some individuals, but ultimately it is a time for healing and for truly appreciating everything that is positive in our lives. Although we may find we have a desire to be amongst new people, or to visit new places, we will find that we are most comforted by being around the familiar in our lives now.

Until Next Time, Learn From The Experience And Appreciate The Journey 🙂






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