Blessings (April – June 2019)

Psychic Journal Post – Blessings

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Blessings (April – June 2019)

This will prove to be a time in which we will be counting our blessings, as we will be given a clear signal that we are on the path to manifest our greatest desires. This signal will come through another person who is excited and has much information to share with us.

For those individuals who are still trying to figure out where they belong or fit in, members of your Soul family will be realigning with you during this phase and that will clearly show where you will be heading in your future. People from the past will reappear and we may be overjoyed to see who is going to accompany us on our pathways. Information that has been kept hidden will be forthcoming through this period. While we may not like all that we hear, it will bring an understanding of why a close one has kept quiet or remained at a distance.

We may be drawn to a place where there is a body of water. This place will seem familiar because of a past life connection. Spending time close to nature will be rejuvenating, especially if we are feeling tired and worn out.

An activity that was once loved is likely to become a big part of our lives again. Some individuals will discover new talents that may eventually lead to a complete change of career. It is important to be open to the new and unusual through this time, because whatever surfaces now will become a big part of the future.

Until Next Time, Learn From The Experience And Appreciate The Journey 🙂






Blessings. Author: Jane
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