Changing Times – 11th November 2015

Psychic Journal Post – Changing Times

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changing times

Changing Times – 11th November, 2015

Times are changing and we are gaining clarity now, albeit slowly, and we may find that we are questioning ourselves and our motives. Just what are we prepared to do for love? Will we honour any promises that we have made in recent times? Will we obey and do what is expected of us or will we decide to rebel? It does appear that many of us are about to find out over the coming weeks.

Where there is love…take a chance. Where there is a promise…honour it. And where it feels necessary to obey…REBEL but ONLY if we truly want CHANGE, otherwise it is good to obey but we MUST avoid becoming doormats! Change can be positive or negative at this time and so it is best to look carefully before leaping. Restrictions are being lifted now, and we may have a strange sense that we are living in a different time and era, even when everything still looks much the same around us. Strange feelings abound now, yet oddly offer much in the way of reassurance. Being bold will work in our favour, so we must not be afraid to ask.

Anything that is a FIRST will be positive at this time, so whether you are going on the first date, starting your first job, buying your first home, attending your first yoga class, you can expect a successful outcome.

Due to the latest wave of energy, we may find ourselves wanting to eat more than usual now and we may also need more sleep as our bodies adjust to the new energy. This new energy is more grounding than of late. We may feel as though we are being squeezed inwardly at times and this can make us feel quite tense, but a much lighter feeling will follow over the coming weeks. Any lightheadedness or feelings of vertigo, which we may have also experienced should now be gone.

If you are one who is still experiencing a great deal of uncertainty in your life, know that it won’t last for much longer…security and stability will finally return. This is a time where many individuals are creating a solid foundation for their future and one in which they will be able to create to their hearts content. Big surprises are in store for some individuals, and this can change EVERYTHING that is negative into something that is very POSITIVE….prepare for MIRACLES and much excitement!

Neighbours will play a bigger role in our lives – this may be a next door neighbour or on the world stage; a neighbouring country. The neighbour seems to provide something that has been missing. Children will have news to share. A revelation concerning an older person may either surprise or confirm suspicions. An aspect of life may be completely transformed for some individuals following this revelation and a question regarding forgiveness will be raised.

Those who began a process of change in July/August, can expect a further series of changes in 2016. The transition is not quite over yet. As we go into the new year, the pathway ahead will look much clearer and we will know exactly what it is that we must do to reach our destination. Any obstacles strewn across the path will simply or even miraculously fall to the wayside, so where we may expect to be challenged, we can most certainly think again! Harmony and peace are about to be restored 🙂



There is no point in looking back Aries, your future isn’t there. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on that person who has intrigued you in recent times as there is something very surprising about to occur, and you will definitely want to know WHY. Love will look at you from the corner of a room, and this helps you make a decision that has been holding you back.


Are you ready Taurus? Preparations are being made in your world, and you are about to make a change that will lead to a more prosperous future. Take it one step at a time, and everything will fall into place, it may however, take you until March, to fully appreciate the new view. But it looks better than you anticipated!


Its party time Gemini, and you are the leader, so get ready for your followers and for your popularity to soar. Who would have thought it? You did Gemini and yes, someone in your world is about to prove you right! Spread the love and you will find a new best friend.


You had a dream Cancer…and NOW you can see it is beginning to come true, albeit possibly not quite in the way you imagined, but nevertheless, you can see it! You have most certainly earned bragging rights too. You also get time off to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Do you believe in love at first sight? You are about to find out!


Why spend money when you can save it Leo? Your bank balance may grow at this time through your rather clever way of saving money, but alas some people in your crowd may be calling you Scrooge this holiday season! Your keyword at this time is FREEZE, whether its the big freeze outside, or your freezer, somehow it’s really going to bother you….it will get better Leo!


What is that flying around you Virgo? It looks rather like an accusation! Can you believe it? Perhaps it is best to lie low, or better still stay in bed. You may be lost for words, but someone around you seems to have enough words for the two of you. Might help to buy some ear muffs Virgo and do remember your manners. Better days are ahead 🙂


Busy, busy, busy! That is life for you at this time. Someone, somewhere, needs you and you will be called upon no matter how inconvenient it may be. Being on time is important to you, but it seems that circumstances will conspire to make you late more often than you would like through this time period. Prepare to apologise more than once Libra or better still, why not just record it once and play it back at the appropriate time 🙂


Plans connected to your home will be disrupted at this time, but any delay that you experience will prove to be in your best interests – just give it a bit more time. Do hold back with your stinger, Scorpio, as you could easily offend the very person that can assist you! Go dancing or do some form of exercise instead to blow off steam!


You enjoy a good challenge Sagittarius, but even you know what your limits are. You may feel that you are being coerced into a situation that is undesirable at this time and so it is time to speak up. Your views will be given consideration and a plan will be delayed. Ultimately this will work out in your favour and you will soon be celebrating a well-earned victory!


So you want to break free? or do you? It seems that secretly you enjoy the restrictions that you have been subjected to as it appears to boost your finances but you are also wanting your freedom to do as you please. The move you make at this time may seem to be a setback but it is designed to take you closer to a life that you have only imagined so far and you are going to like it Capricorn!


You seem to have doubts Aquarius. There is no doubt that your doubts are troubling you to the point where you are creating even more doubts in your mind. Perhaps it is time to doubt less and have more faith in a grand plan? When you start to TRUST, you will finally start to feel that you have made the right choice. There is no doubt about it Aquarius!


Going around in circles is hardly your cup of tea, but here you are doing the same thing over and over again. Perhaps it is time to change the record Pisces, or maybe put the record straight is more to the point. Your words are vitally important now and could make or break a situation or relationship in your life. A journey you take in the name of love will soon be revealing, and what you discover is far better than you expected Pisces!


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