Decisions (November – December 2019)

Insight For November / December 2019

– Decisions, decisions!! This will certainly be a time in which we will be called upon to make important decisions, which for some of us will be life changing. At the very least, a decision will alter the landscape in regard to an on-going situation that has been the cause of much uncertainty. We can expect to feel less confused and more certain of where we are heading now. More stability is on it’s way, which in turn will make us feel more secure in our lives. It feels good and the future will look very promising. It is however important to keep ourselves grounded and truly in touch with reality rather than to allow ourselves to be carried away by our dreams. Misunderstandings can easily occur through this time, and so if in any doubt, it will help to double check what we are told in order to avoid making a costly mistake.

Exciting news arrives via a neighbour or through a person that once resided close by. This news may be just the push that is needed to get moving, whether this be moving on a project that has primarily only been in thought, or to finalize a deal.

In regard to love, some individuals may experience some turbulence within their relationship. Words spoken may shock but in turn will reveal what the underlying issue is. This will either draw partners closer than ever before or it may become very clear that they are best to go their separate ways.

Home is where our hearts will be, and activities relating to home will be central in our lives. Also in connection to home, we may encounter controlling characters who are inclined to voice their opinions without any regard for our feelings or experience a weird encounter with a female who was once regarded as being a friend. In the case of the latter, this may cause some individuals to experience an awkward or embarrassing situation that is difficult to know how to deal with. It appears that someone with authority will be called upon to help resolve the issue. No matter how stressful it may seem at the time, it will pass, and in the process a door will be closing forever bringing a great sense of relief and freedom with it.

Anything that we commit to through this time will be a part of our lives for a very long time, and so it isn’t the time to half-heartedly sign contracts or enter into agreements.

Enjoy the journey 🙂



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