Embracing The Challenges (August – October 2016)

Psychic Journal Post – Embracing The Challenges

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embracing the challenges

Embracing The Challenges (August – October 2016)

As we continue on our individual journeys at this time, we may be very aware that we don’t have all the information that we need to make the decisions that we may feel we need to make at this time. Some individuals will find that they will have to make important decisions without knowing all the facts, and others will still be waiting for more information to come in before being willing to commit themselves to a particular situation or relationship in their lives.

Events of the next 2 months will be very revealing and will also show some individuals where they are going wrong or what clearly isn’t working in their lives. There are going to be obstacles to overcome, but it is NOT a time to give up. Rather it is a time to embrace any challenges, as they are designed to help us grow by changing aspects of ourselves that couldn’t have been changed in any other way. We may find it easier to give up bad habits or unhealthy relationships, but there is always something that will come along to compensate or fill the space of that which we have had to part with. Whatever we are forced to let go of now truly has no more purpose in our lives, and so it will be in our best interests to accept the inevitable and let go with grace.

We may see the extremes in our relationships, whereby emotions will be intensified and actions may be over the top. Love and hate will clearly be defined at this time. This will be a time in which we will discover the strength of our associations, as any weaknesses will be exposed.

The year 2016 has so far been about clearing the pathway, and if some individuals are on the wrong road, by the end of this year they will literally be lifted up and placed on the right road. If you feel you have been long suffering a particular situation or felt like life has been one long endurance test for much of this year, expect it to change soon. Slowly but surely noticeable improvements are on the way.

Until Next Time, Enjoy The Journey 🙂


What you see may not be what you will get at this time, so it is wise to look carefully before leaping. Your routine looks set to change and possibly in a dramatic fashion for some of you. You may not be able to visit the Moon, but you will be going on a journey that will take you into a different space. A ticking clock and shoes link together. Friends will gather in a hallway but it will be a time to listen rather than speak. Self-protection is important now, and there is a chance that you will mistakenly mis-judge a friend as being a foe. Keeping an open mind will work more in your favour now Aries!


Exciting times Taurus and changes too. Anyone would think it was Christmas with all those new goodies around you! You certainly have something NEW to get used to and it may take you a while to adapt to it. Money may be tight, or difficult to access but friends are there to help you. Surprising or shocking news may be expected from a close one. Seeing a hedgehog will be a sign that tells you to slow down and take in the view – there is something that you need to see and have missed so far. You can make progress now, and will be making plans for your future. You will want to share what is in your heart now, and others view you in a different light as you show a side of you that you normally keep well hidden.


Trees, sea, and sand, but can you see them through all that mist Gemini when you are at the top of that hill. Mysterious events will occur and you will feel you are playing the role of a detective in order to discover the truth. A man around you will be seeking your sympathy, but the situation isn’t quite your cup of tea. Indeed, you will feel relieved as you step out of a room. You are feeling generous, and will be raising or giving money to a charitable cause.


The Stars, the Moon, and the Sun will all hold meaning for you more than usual through this time. You may feel that everything has slowed down in recent times, and you may be somewhat confused and uncertain of which path to follow in your life. You have several options, but the question is which one should you choose. All will become much clearer by November. Seeing a puppeteer will bring back a memory from your childhood. A sharp reminder is on it’s way to you either by post or email. Finances look good, so in that respect it all looks rather positive through this time. Where love has been evasive, expect a turnaround soon!


Satisfaction guaranteed, or is it Leo? Reading the small print of any contracts is advisable now, if only to satisfy yourself that there is no catch. Music, and the 1980s link together and will have you thinking of people in far away places. Past actions may come back on you at this time, but at least you will have the chance to rectify a stifling situation. The ending of a romance, but a new beginning which will lead to a more fulfilling future. Expect to reconnect with someone from your past. All is looking bright in the World of many Leo’s at this time, but if it isn’t, at the very least you can now see a glimmer of light flashing at the end of the tunnel. Fun times are ahead!


Love, laughter and happiness, it will be what helps you move forward at this time. Friends will be especially supportive and more helpful than usual. This will be a very busy time for you, as there is alot of activity in your home and career sector. You will be somewhat impatient, and will be feeling that you want everything YESTERDAY. Slow down and take stock Virgo as there is plenty of time ahead of you to bring your dreams to fruition. Communication will go haywire for some Virgo’s, so you may find that access is restricted or the facility to communicate is lost for a short while. You will smile soon Virgo, especially when that once in a lifetime opportunity comes your way! It might just be a piece of furniture or some other item, but regardless, it looks set to make you feel very excited 🙂


Problems in or around your home loom quite large at this time. Some Libran’s may be wanting to get away from it all. Love matters come to the fore, and you have a decision to make. ‘To love and behold from this day forward’ are words that may come to mind or words that you hear. Perhaps you are going to a wedding Libra? or making a serious commitment to the one you love. Tea will be significant and in an unusual way. Your words will carry alot of weight now, so take care when you speak because you are being listened to, more so, than you may believe you are. You are being watched too, so do your best to keep everything above board Libra! Lights going out is a sign that a new chapter is about to begin in your life.


Being honest will make you feel lighter Scorpio, and this is a time when you really do need to be honest, not only with other people but also more importantly with yourself. You appear to be tolerating a situation, rather than enjoying it, and it really is time for you to speak up to the person that is creating the issue. You are likely to take your anger out on anyone, except for the right person. Take care with this Scorpio, because you don’t want to make an enemy out of a life long supporter! Great financial news comes to you in October, and seems to be the answer to a problem that has been taking a long time to resolve. Younger children have a message for you, listen carefully Scorpio as it will prove more significant than you might think at the time.


Will you or won’t you? That does appear to be one of the questions that you will be asking yourself at this time, Sagittarius. You will get a clear answer in October. Dreams can either be made or broken at this time, and there is a need for you to take care with the words you speak. You may offend or upset someone greatly at this time without the intention of doing so. Love smiles at you through a camera or a webcam and the look in their eyes reveals all that you wanted to know. Love can deepen now, but you have to be prepared to be more open than you have been in recent times. Seeing a grey bird will precede a significant event that occurs from out of the blue. A male in your life has an exciting surprise for you!


You will be especially drawn to the colours of a rainbow at this time and wherever you see a rainbow, it is a sign that you are heading in the right direction on your pathway. A female figure in your life and lies that have been told link together. Trust issues arise, and you will be needing to reconsider an important relationship. The goals you set for yourself at this time will come to fruition by July of next year. Positive thinking will take you a long way now, so banish those negative thoughts that you have been having recently. Tennis or another similar game such as Badminton, or Squash will figure in your life. A black book can reveal a secret, and it will be your decision whether to reveal it or not.






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