Here We Go Again (October – December 2018)

Psychic Journal Post – Here We Go Again

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Here We Go Again (October – December 2018)

Here we go AGAIN! Yes, we may find there is a need to go back over old ground but we can expect a different outcome this time. There is much focus on the past, and we may feel inclined to touch base with old friends. While the years have gone by and much has changed, the energy between old friends that choose to reconnect now will still feel much the same as it was before. A familiar face always feels comforting, and that will especially be the case now.

Where we once may have experienced rejection, or been made to feel inferior or stupid, this is a good time to try again. Courage can open doors that have long been closed.

Individuals who have walked a solitary path, and have had no sense of belonging wherever they tried to ‘fit’ in, will experience big changes over the coming months. They will begin to merge with members of their soul groups and start to live a more sociable life. While it will take some individuals a while to adjust to the changes, it will overall feel like a home coming and loneliness will become a thing of the past.

The pace of life in general will be quite slow and leisurely, and so it will feel as though we are plodding along to reach our goals. Don’t expect anything to happen quickly.

Strong disruptive energies surround us all mid to late October, and again in late November, it is a time when secrets will come to light and people may mysteriously disappear. People will be showing their true colours and in some cases that may create a totally unexpected situation that calls for the need to move quickly. If help is needed, it will come through a person who hasn’t been very supportive in the past but will want to help now. We’ll find that November is a chaotic month particularly if travelling. There will be many reports of travel delays amid stormy weather conditions in the UK. And just like the weather, relationships may be a bit stormy too but will calm down before the end of November.

Until Next Time, Learn From The Experience And Appreciate The Journey 🙂






Here We Go Again. Author: Jane
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