Leap Of Faith (November 2017 – January 2018)

Psychic Journal Post – Leap Of Faith

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Leap Of Faith (November 2017 – January 2018)

This is a time in which we will become very aware of what our next steps should be in regards to any ongoing situation. Many individuals will be given the opportunity to wipe a slate clean and start over in some respect. It will be a very exciting time for some individuals, while others will be very focused on their finances and wondering if they can actually afford to accept what is offered or comes up now.

A leap of faith is being called for now and when we let go and simply trust what the Universe has in store for us, we will be living the life that is meant for us. There are no guarantees that the future will be one full of roses, or that we won’t be led up garden paths, but there is a guarantee that whatever situation we may find ourselves in, we will be learning the lessons that we were supposed to learn in this life time, and that is what life is truly about!

Life is an adventure, one full of challenges, and the more we rise to the challenges, the more fulfilling life becomes. The more we cling on to a situation that has it’s roots firmly attached to the past, the less we stand to gain from it and will simply feel stuck in a rut or trapped in a situation that is hard to get out of. So when the opportunities arise through this phase, release any fear and grasp them with both hands. If fear makes you feel cautious, DARE yourself to take that chance – unless of course, you would prefer to remain stuck in the past.

It is no doubt a time to shake things up a bit, and to be bold in our attempts to move forward and also in our interactions with others. We will encounter some very strong personalities through this period, and it is important not to allow ourselves to feel inferior to them. How we handle these people will be a chance to test our own strength of character. We will come through it feeling more confident within ourselves that we may have felt in the past.

At Soul level, we are all going to experience major growth now, and so there is no point in trying to stay in the background if you know that you need to be up front in order to be heard and taken seriously.

Freedom will be important for some individuals, and some may even decide to call time on their most important relationship, much to the shock of others around them. Ultimately however, those that do encounter this will be acting in their best interests. Lightworkers in particular will find that they are in demand through this time and called upon for their support. As we all spread our love, light and natural healing to those who need it most, the reward will be clearly evident through the love that is received in return. For many individuals, 2018 is going to be the year that has the LOVE factor and a return to a more satisfying and settled way of life.

Until Next Time, Learn From The Experience And Appreciate The Journey 🙂






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