Mini Email Psychic Reading

Mini Email Psychic Readings

Mini Email Psychic Readings

The Mini Email Psychic Reading is ideal for when you need a short concise answer (up to 100 words in length) to that ONE burning question.

While this reading won’t provide you with much insight, it will give you the answer that Spirit reveals for you to know in relation to your question at the time of your reading.

Most questions can be answered, except for those related to Health, Financial or Legal advice.

If you are seeking a more insightful psychic reading, please see the list of other email psychic readings that are available or use the site menu at the top of the page to find a more insightful reading.


Mini Email Psychic Readings

When you book a Mini Email Psychic Reading, you can get an answer to any question related to the following aspects of your life listed below.

Your question may relate to Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Love Triangles, Partnerships, Family Issues, Friendships, or any other relationship matter.

A question can be asked that relates to unemployment, employment, promotion, issues with Colleagues or your Boss, or any other career/work matter.

A question related to moving home, whether relocating near or far can be answered. For instance, you may be selling your present home and want to know when a buyer will appear, or you may want to know how soon you will find a new home.

Social and Domestic
Social and domestic question(s) might relate to problems with neighbours, difficulties in making new friends, suffering a form of abuse, or any other social or domestic matter. (If suffering any kind of abuse, please don’t suffer in silence, always seek help and support from a professional organisation or from someone you know and can trust.)

Ask a question related to Learning and Education. For instance, you may want to know in advance if you will pass an exam, or whether you will be able to take that course that you have been wanting to do for a very long time.

Any question related to travel can be answered, so you might wish to ask a question related to a holiday that you have booked, a cruise that you are about to go on, or have a question related to a form of transportation, such as your car, bicycle or motorbike.

Please Note
Please do not use this service for Pregnancy related readings. Please see the Baby Psychic Readings by email.

Jane used to provide an email psychic readings service through Ebay, please click on the link to view genuine feedback.
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Delivery and Response Times

Your psychic reading will be delivered to the email address that you provide on the booking form usually within the times shown below.

Email psychic readings purchased on Sunday – Thursday: Response within 72 Hours.
or purchased on Friday or Saturday: Response within 96 Hours.

Please Note: Response times stated are approximate and you may receive your reading sooner or slightly later.  


To book your Mini Email Psychic Reading, please click the BUY NOW button to go to the booking form and make your purchase.

Payments are processed securely by PayPal. A PayPal account is NOT required as payment can be made by Debit or Credit card without having an account.

On the booking form, you will need to provide your Name, Location, DOB, Your Question, and Email Address.


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Please read Terms & Conditions

A Psychic Reading is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE ONLY. You MUST be aged 18 YEARS OR OLDER to purchase a psychic reading. In accordance with UK Law, advice is NOT provided for Financial, Legal or Health issues, (including Health during Pregnancy and Paternity issues), and questions of this nature will NOT be answered.



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