Moving Forward (May – July 2016)

Psychic Journal Post – Moving Forward

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moving forward

Moving Forward (May – July 2016)

While we may be looking back at the past particularly during the months of May and June, and feel as though we are having to wait before we can begin moving forward with our plans, it is a time that allows us to slow down and make any changes that are needed, and in some cases, it may be that a total course correction is needed. In effect, with that will come a time of adjusting to a new situation or set of circumstances.

We may find that we are noticing things that we hadn’t taken much notice of before, or had simply taken for granted, and while some individuals may be inspired by their discoveries at this time, others may experience a sense of dismay as they realise that there is still much work to do in their efforts to take their lives forward in the way they would like to.

Where support is needed, we may find ourselves linking up with others in ways that we may not have expected. The overall outcome is all very positive however, so its not the time to look the other way and hope for the best. Seize the moment and any offers of help, because they will only come once at this time.

If you are experiencing relationship issues, you may find that you need to put all your cards on the table in order to secure the outcome you would like. Straightforward communication is the best way forward now and honesty is certainly going to be the best policy throughout this time. This is a time to be open to the NEW, and only taking forward what is truly needed from the past. If we are feeling that there is something missing, it is the NEW that will hold that missing piece of the puzzle, rather than the old.

We will be more inclined to take on a more adventurous spirit at this time, and will be more willing to move forward from situations that we may have felt were holding us back. This is a very positive time for laying new foundations or strengthening an existing one, so if you have a project that you have been wanting to start, or a relationship that you want to strengthen, NOW is the time to start that process.

Until Next Time, Enjoy The Journey 🙂


Good luck comes in many ways, and yours will come through your mail box Aries. A surprise is on its way and it is sure to make you smile. A missed work opportunity will come around again, and you will know why you need to take a closer look this time. A new acquaintance has hidden talents as you are about to discover. Revelations that come at this time will be precedent to you taking your life in a new direction. You will be feeling rather health conscious through this time. Cup cakes and jelly sweets figure in a prominent way, so perhaps you might want to start that diet another time Aries!


You are more likely to be seeing all of the mistakes that you think you have made at this time, rather than rejoicing in all your wonderful achievements. You have come a long way Taurus, and now it’s time to draw up plans for your next big adventure. The sun, sea and the sand feature in your life, and standing near huge white boulders of rock also figure too. A face from the past returns and this proves to be an emotional experience. Open your heart Taurus, the love you receive in return is worth it!


You are taking stock at this time, and also feeling tempted to take what feels like a risk in your life. You will be asking questions, but the real question is can you trust the answers you receive. Only you can decide Gemini! The future will be beckoning you, but it appears you need more time, so take it, because time is truly on your side now!


Uncertainty is about to be replaced with certainty, and this makes for a very happy Cancerian! You will be surprised at how positive you begin to feel after a somewhat negative experience. A male influence will help you take an aspect of your work to the next level. Past relationships will surface, and will be an eye opener. Love will move mountains now as you become more trusting. And as for your fears….your courage is about to surprise everyone and even your SELF 🙂


Is it really possible to time travel Leo? It does appear that you are about to find out! You are about to go on a journey that makes you feel you have been transported back to another time in your life. You can expect mixed feelings, but will finally gain closure where it has long been needed. Acceptance is a glorious thing Leo, as it brings you a sense of freedom! The colour beige is prominent, perhaps you are decorating. A black cat will cross your path as a sign that you are heading in the right direction.


Your focus is on money and you seem to need MORE of it, Virgo. The opportunities that come your way now are worth considering, as there is ONE in particular that has all the ingredients to help you fulfill that long held dream of yours. Problems with transport will make you late on what seems to be a very important date. The delay however, will certainly get you noticed. Prepare to be the center of attention! Wise advice comes from an older female influence. What you give to others at this time will be more appreciated that you realise. Your generosity will bring you great rewards!


Love, hate and baking cakes somehow links together in your life, and strange as that may sound, it seems to be fun, Libra, so do enjoy the experience! An older female will have the answer to a dilemma that arises. Expect to be released from a situation that you have long been wanting to break away from. A new cycle is about to begin and one that is designed to help you find your true sense of purpose and help you make your dreams come true! Love is full of surprises. Strong feelings will be revealed and you will be wanting to make a commitment. You are finally ready, Libra!


Do you really know what you want, Scorpio? On one hand, you are happy to go along with a partner’s way of thinking as this seems to make for an easier life, but on another you are feeling that your views are not taken into account. So now is the time when you will start to take more control, rather than being cajouled into things that you don’t really need or want. You will surprise your SELF as you stand your ground! Financial outgoings seem to increase, and watch for duplication of charges. The quicker you act, the sooner any problem will be resolved…so do keep your eye on the ball Scorpio!


What goes up, must come down…or so they say, but for you at this time Sagittarius, what goes up will stay up for a long time, if not forever. You are about to prosper in ways that you have long wanted, and you can TRUST the promises that are made to you. Marriage, engagement, or taking a relationship to a new level will be energizing. Happiness is only a ‘YES’ word away. You are about to make an important discovery on a journey made in the name of love – so do make the effort and go Sagittarius!


‘I want to be ALONE’….you might find yourself thinking this a few times over the coming weeks. You need time to find your center again, it’s as though you have been giving much of yourself to everyone else, but have had no time to think about what you truly want in your life. A spot of Soul searching will do you the world of good. Fast moving developments will require quick thinking and action on your part. You will be a saviour at this time with alot of praise coming your way. Love will be on a boat smiling at you! Take a picture Capricorn 🙂


It’s holiday time Aquarius, and whether you are travelling to an exotic island or simply taking time off work, you will be enjoying time out to do the things that make you happy. A Cave or Cellar, and lights will figure in your life. It appears that you are about to venture into the unknown to explore new territory and this has an exciting feel to it. Your imagination will be particulary vivid at this time, but it’s important not to get too carried away in order to avoid disappointment, as your reality will be vastly different to what you imagine. You will pass a test, and some Aquarians are in line for a promotion. Get those books out and blow off the dust Aquarius, as the information you need at this time are in them!


It’s time for action Pisces. You have had time to think about your future, and now it is time to start living it! Home is where the heart is…..and you are about to find your home. Any disappointment that you encounter will prove to be a blessing in disguise! You are about to make a discovery that will change your view of an important female in your life and you will realise that your attitude has to change if you are to move forward in the way that you would like to. You have a strong desire to give and receive love, and some Pisceans will find themselves falling head over heels. Love promises will be made and kept. A place that has grey corrugated roofing will figure in your life, and brings with it a wistful feeling of times past. You can’t turn the clock back Pisces, but you can begin to create that future that you so often dream about!


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