New Beginnings (February – April 2016)

Psychic Journal Post – New Beginnings

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new beginnings

New Beginnings (February – April 2016)

New beginnings are just around the corner now and so we are in a time of preparation. We can expect plans to change in an instant and events may occur that require spontaneous action. We can expect the unexpected. Some individuals will be called upon for help, and this may mean dropping everything immediately to go to the aid of another. Situations may easily escalate to breaking point, whereby, in some cases, there will be no return. Whatever happens now will be set in stone. This may bring relief to some or create upheaval for others. People may leave our lives now but as with any empty space, there is always something around the corner that will enter our lives to fill that space. This will be a joyful time of reunions for some individuals. We may find that a person who once played an important role in our lives returns and facilitates much needed change. If we have been unable to make decisions because of a lack of information, we can expect the answers to suddenly appear and possibly not in the way that we would have expected. Whatever didn’t make sense before is about to receive a huge dose of clarity.

With Valentines day just ahead of us, we may be thinking about love and romance. It is sure to be a time which will bring a blessing and a promise for some individuals. In some cases, revelations may be surprising but not totally unexpected. If you have been one who has recently been recovering from a broken relationship or been dealing with a situation that has left you ‘hanging in suspense’ for the past few months, the reason for the delay will become evident before the end of March. You may be surprised by who appears on your doorstep or on your phone, but be sure to remember that time is on your side, and that you don’t have to rush to make a decision. Hesitancy will work more in your favour at this time. Your heart may be beating fast, but you don’t have to act fast. Better to act like a tortoise and take in the view first.

Whatever we are creating or preparing at this time, truly does have the potential to last a very long time, a lifetime even. The more we persevere and give to an endeavour or a close relationship now, the more rewarding the outcome will be. Some of us may be encouraged to open up to new experiences, but this may be very challenging for some individuals.

Over the coming 3 months, the theme of LETTING GO and clearing the decks is very strong as we make way for our new beginnings. Giving up someone or something will be necessary in order to embrace the future and the promise it holds. We may let go of a relationship, an activity, an object or even a bad habit that has been a significant part of our lives for quite some time. Some individuals may need to choose between relationships, and this will be emotionally draining. Whatever occurs now will make us very aware of our inner depths and the true purpose of our individual Souls. Lighter times are ahead though, especially once we reach the month of May.

Some Lightworkers, particularly the forerunners, may have been forced to stand alone over the past few months, and this may have been a very lonely, depressing experience. Events may have transpired in such a way that some individuals may have felt somewhat abandoned or betrayed, and may have experienced a lack of support. They may have reached breaking point – an experience of the dark night of the Soul, but this was in effect a much needed turning point. Deep within, these Souls knew it was necessary to be alone in order to heal and to come back to the core of their being. This process is almost complete now, and these Lightworkers will be making themselves known on a new social scene soon, particularly from March onwards. If you are a Lightworker and this has been your experience, it is important not to give into any fears or place limits on yourself now. Show courage and step forward in your own power, even if you are feeling less than confident or somewhat shy and/or anxious, because FINALLY it is TIME to start writing that new chapter of your book and this will bring an end to all the uncertainty that has prevailed for such a long time. Positive friends await, and you will find that you are truly ready to embrace a whole new way of life.



Delve as deep as you like, but you won’t find what you are seeking. You are looking in the wrong place Aries. Perhaps it is time to go back to basics and revive a hobby from the past in the process. A fresh start in matters of the heart is being called for – clearing the decks and starting out with someone new will be very appealing now for those who are looking for love. If you are already attached, expect a happy surprise, followed by a journey over water.


WAIT Taurus! Okay, it does seem that you don’t have much choice other than to WAIT at the moment, but soon you will see the reason for why you had to WAIT! A new job is lining up with you. Is that a new pet or is it an insect in your home, Taurus? Whichever it is, it will be black and very hairy, perhaps not quite what you would like to find in your bath! Travel beckons and so does reconnection with a relative who you have missed.


You seem to have many questions Gemini, but not many answers. Something is not adding up in your world Gemini, and you are right to question the actions of a close one. All is not what it seems, and this will be plain to see when a close one makes that mistake. You won’t miss it Gemini! There will be a time when you will be wishing you were a million miles away from a situation, but once it is dealt with, you will be left feeling on top of the world – success is assured Gemini!


When you can be your SELF, you SHINE Cancer, so isn’t it time to take back the controls that you seem to have given to others in recent times? As you come back to your center, you are about to make one of the most important decisions of your life, and there is no doubt that it will surprise others, but it won’t surprise you and that is the main thing, Cancer! Someone loves you deeply, but you will have to open your mind and heart to see it clearly. Positive thinking will take you a long way now.


That missing piece of your puzzle is about to appear right in front of your eyes Leo and you finally get the chance to see the WHOLE picture. The truth may be startling, but what you set in motion now will give you the opportunity to right a wrong and bring the final curtain down on a situation that has baffled you for quite some time. Misplaced trust may become evident, but better to know now than never Leo, and at least you will know exactly what to do next!


Are you ready for ACTION? Your list of ‘To Do’s’ appears to be getting longer by the hour and soon you will need to buy a new notepad. You may need to watch your temper at this time, for you are likely to blow a fuse at the slightest hint of provocation. Checking in with someone from your past will lead to a new job or to the start of a new project that will be financially rewarding in your future. If you don’t ask, you won’t get, so put yourself at the front of the queue and ASK, you’ll be glad you did Virgo!


Misunderstandings create confusion and can lead to losses. I know that you already know that but are you aware that you are being misunderstood? What comes to light in your world now will surprise you, but you are in effect being given the opportunity to put things right…and just in time too! What you discover at this time will deepen a relationship. Perhaps it is time to stop procrastinating, and put all your cards on the table. What you reveal to another will put their mind at rest and enable a new beginning that is based on TRUST.


Are you an equal or the underdog Scorpio? The pressure is on, and it does seem that a relationship in your world needs you to take a closer look if you are to see the defects in it. With monetary issues looming on the horizon, the plans you set in motion now will counteract the future problems. Preparation is your key now and enhancing your status will also be important to you at this time. A new signature on paper will lead to a financial gain – but property matters may need to be reconsidered in the light of an expensive oversight.


Why? What? and WHEN? All those questions Sagittarius, and yet it appears that you are afraid to ask some of them. You fear that your questions may be taken in the wrong context and so you have chosen not to say a word, which is most unusual for you. Of course it is nagging away at you on the inside somewhat, but one day very soon, your questions will all come tumbling out and when they do you are going to feel such a great sense of relief that you will wonder why you didn’t ask them before. It’s all in the timing Sagittarius and you can expect to get that right!


No matter what your age, you are going to feel very aware of the passage of time. A prominent person will be leaving your life in an abrupt manner. Throwing caution to the wind is unlikely to work in your favour, so do take time to consider your reaction to an unexpected request. Learning to read between the lines will make all the difference as to whether a friendship is to be lasting or fleeting. It’s time to test your intuitive skills Capricorn. Expect revelations to come through a female acquaintance that makes you re-think an aspect of your life.


Let the good times roll Aquarius, but don’t forget the state of your bank account in the process. Emotions will be running high and an encounter will lead to a new address for some of you. Honesty is the best policy as grievances within your closest relationship are finally aired. Financial issues will need to be dealt with promptly if you are to avoid excess fees. Teeth or bones may need extra attention at this time.


If the road ahead looked clear, what would you do Pisces? It does seem that you are about to find out. Your home comes under the spotlight, and an adventure that you have been anticipating will finally begin. A promise that you make to your SELF now is one that will be kept. Drama either in or just outside your home calls for quick action on your part. Being generous at this time, brings you an added bonus. Love is full of surprises, enjoy the chocolates Pisces and don’t forget to save one for the unexpected visitor!


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