Phase Of Transition (March – June 2017)

Psychic Journal Post – Phase Of Transition

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Phase Of Transition (March – June 2017)

As we go through the current phase of transition in our lives, there is tension in the air and change is all around us. There is alot of movement and upheaval, whether that be moving home, making changes on the work front, relationship changes and so on. We are in effect laying a new foundation upon which we can build a more solid future on. Possibly, for some individuals, it may not be the kind of future envisaged a year ago, but here, we have to accept all is just as it is meant to be. What we choose to create through this time will stand fast for years to come, so we need to make sure that we choose wisely. Settling for second best won’t make us happy and so we may need to be very selective about what we choose to create or who we allow into our lives now.

What arrives in our lives has the potential to be life altering, and some individuals may find that their circumstances change in an instant in unexpected or unexplained ways in some cases. Other individuals may need to stretch their imaginations as what arrives may not be quite as envisaged and there may be disappointment too. If we have been waiting for a certain situation to change or to shows signs of resolution, we may see progress through this time. There may be a twist to the tale however, so best not to expect the path to be straight forward.

Making ourselves available to help others will have unexpected benefits. If we are called upon to help another, we may find that we are rewarded in a remarkable way, so don’t hesitate to get involved!

There is no doubt that these are challenging times for most of us, and we are going to need alot of patience while we wait for the Universe to bring us into alignment with what is truly meant for us. The more we seek, the less we will find and that will prove so true through this time. If we allow what we need to come to us, rather than seek it out, we will save ourselves alot of time and of course, frustration. The best way forward right now is to simply go with the flow and deal with what we need to as it arises. When we try to make something happen or try to push our way forward before the time is right, all we are doing is making life more difficult and challenging for ourselves.

The month of May will be the time when clarity starts to return and all the confusion of recent times starts to dissipate. Up until June, we will find that information we need to make solid decisions trickles in at a slow pace, but it will come and it will help us to effect the kind of changes that we desire in our lives one step at a time.

Until Next Time, Enjoy The Journey 🙂


If you have been looking for a way out, you are likely to find it now Aries. But once you have found the exit and the door is open, you may be asking yourself if that is what you really want. Only you will know, and yes, it will help to read the small print. Wildlife animals will feature in your life, so perhaps a trip to the zoo is in store for you or you are going on safari. An adventure is calling you that will take you both near and far and may also take you out of your comfort zone. But isn’t that what you want Aries?


Are you dreaming of distant shores Taurus? The sun and the sea await you in your future but for now, you may have to be satisfied with where you are. While you may be feeling a bit unsettled, and itching to start a new project, life seems to hold you back at this time, so why not take some time out for yourself and do the things that bring you the most pleasure. Bills may be shocking or unexpected to say the least, and so you may have to tighten your belt for a while. And do remember that while retail therapy is therapeutic, it is expensive Taurus!


Expect changes in regards to work Gemini. Whether those changes are surprising remains o be seen, but should you receive jarring news, an optimistic view of your situation is all that you will need to rise above it. Expect a number of invitations to come your way, and a few fun encounters. You might even find that you enjoy that party or trip that you don’t want to go on. Black birds and feather will be significant and also a trip to a zoo or other place where animals reside.


So whose life are you living anyway Cancer? It does appear that you are in some way running two lives. Perhaps you are looking after the affairs of a close one, but more so that you would really like to do. Look forward to the month of June as that is when you’ll be able to hand it all back and breathe a sigh of relief! Tense times maybe, but you will still find time to have fun Cancer. You might have to be more willing to socialize and be open to new experiences. You will be crossing paths with very supportive people, and with that comes gifts and surprises. And you didn’t know they cared so much!


Abstract details and some form of art / paint work will take up some of your time, and seems to be connected to a project that brings you compliments and glowing reviews. You will be a proud Leo at this time that is for certain. A somewhat worrying proposition places you in an awkward position, but once you get over that hurdle, you will find that communications improve. A close one is relying on you more so that you would like, so this is a time to speak your mind to bring the situation back into balance. You may feel that you are not being heard, so try shouting Leo to get your message across!


Long distance, short distance, travel awaits you Virgo, and you may even have fun in the Sun. Your dietary habits come up for review and a new beverage could be just what the doctor ordered. Pleasant, happy and relaxing times link to a white building with foreign links and a large garden. Where water flows, expect a surprise. Prizes come in different shapes and sizes, as you are about to see. What you wish for, you look set to get, so take care with those wishes through this time Virgo.


These are changing times for you Libra, but it is all designed to lead you to a new way of life. It will never be quite the same again, but then again, do you want it to be the same again? Maybe not Libra. Improvements are on the way, and seeing a pink rose bush in a place you’ve never been to before or rarely go, will show you that you are on the right track in your life. Be open to doing things differently, you will find it suits you better. Money matters will be at the foremost of your mind for a while, and for some Librans, the solution to a financial problem, may mean taking on extra work for a while. Never mind Libra, it will prove to be a blessing as it is through this work that an unexpected gift will come to you.


Dithering will not get you anywhere at this time Scorpio, so why not take the plunge and dive right in now? You will surprise yourself! The need to keep your ‘hands free’ is significant. This will be a time when you will want to blend in with the crowd rather than to draw attention to yourself, and so you will have a tendency to remain in the background wherever possible. Money comes to you from an unusual source, and saving it for a rainy day is a good idea! Signing a contract has the potential to lead to a loss, and so it is a time to ensure that you read the small print. Home moves or changes in your home looks set to make you happy Scorpio. A fresh start – a new beginning is there for you.


Is it love or is it just a game? Are you really feeling the love or is it just wishful thinking? Answers will come to you through this time. A surprising chain of positive events is in store for you, and will come about through an influential partner and a chance you take. This could be the start of something good Sagittarius! You will have a need to review and re-evaluate parts of your life that are not working for you. It is a time to put yourself and your needs first and not to worry about the consequences as you will find that others can take care of themselves. Do for YOU and that will also show others what you CAN do, especially those who have underestimated you, Sagittarius! This is your time to SHINE!








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