Clarity – 18th April 2015

Psychic Journal Post – Clarity

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Clarity – 18th April, 2015

Clarity…perhaps we may have forgotten what that is since we may have become so used to all the confusion that has been swirling around in our lives recently, however, we can rest-assured by knowing that CLARITY is certainly on its way, if we can’t already see a glimmer of it just yet.

May is sure to be an enlightening month, with surprises galore. Exciting times for some, but could be rather depressing and draining for others, depending on what side of the fence each individual is standing on. Some individuals will be placed in a compromising position by a selfish act of a close one, whereas others can expect some kind of miracle to occur; they will be lifted out of an awkward situation by the goodwill and generosity of another. Karmic influences abound now, and we need to recognise the lessons if we are to learn and gain from the experience.

We are entering a time where there will be major endings, but with that will come the new beginnings. It is a time to be honest with ourselves, and others. Through being very honest, we will have the chance to set any wrongs to right, and the truth will set us free. We will all be able to make decisions based on the reality rather than an illusion.

For many it is a time when push comes to shove – whatever has stalled or been difficult to change, expect everything to suddenly move forward at lightning speed. If you are one who has felt burdened by too many responsibilities, prepare to be released and propelled into a completely new way of life. It will feel refreshing to say the least, however, it might take a while to adjust to a more simplified lifestyle.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but sometimes we have no choice but to let someone or something go out of our lives. Mourning a loss from a distance is likely for some. Some individuals will re-connect with a past love, and be able to make another go of a relationship. This time around, the union will be blessed with good fortune.

If you are one who is feeling lonely and perhaps friendless or even rejected by those who you once considered to be friends, be prepared for positive change as your social status is about to rise. It helps to look back and read between the lines now, as we are likely to see what was missed. Some individuals may discover that they mis-understood the actions of someone from their past, who actually has an important role to play in their future. It may be a time to swallow pride and make an apology.

Overall, this is not a time to allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by feelings of insecurity or fear, but rather it is a time to stand TALL, so that we may wholeheartedly embrace the changes that are on the way.



That problem isn’t going to go away on it’s own accord, be daring, make that decision and put someone’s mind at rest. Expect justice to be done but you will have to make a sacrifice first.


Be willing to go the distance, as ultimately it will be worth it when you see who is there. You may have to make a move or a commitment that will be costly, but money isn’t really the issue, is it Taurus? Perhaps it is time to admit a truth, even if it proves to be a bit painful.


All eyes are on you and what you will do next. Be brave Gemini, and put on a show that will really set tongues wagging. But do apologise afterwards!


You have tolerated ALOT in recent times but here comes the part that you are going to enjoy the most. It’s time for you to have the last laugh Cancer, and of course, you were right!


There is nothing quite like a superficial relationship – you’ve trusted, you’ve given everything, it has cost you alot, both emotionally and financially – you are about to find out who your TRUE friends are Leo.


If you are selfish, expect someone to be selfish towards you. Likewise, if you are generous, expect to be on the receiving end of someone’s generosity. Be aware of the people mirroring you now and you will learn something important about yourself.


Your home is where your heart is at this time. Spring cleaning may not appeal to you, but it does appear to be essential if you are to clear away the cobwebs not only in your home but also in your SELF. You’ll feel rejuvenated by the time you have finished.


Are you missing someone or is it something? Whatever, he/she or it is BACK! Be ready for a brand new start and do TRUST – that is very important!


With your optimistic nature, you are not really one to hold grudges for very long. Any anger or resentments still lingering are about to disappear. A phone call or a message is about to change everything. Get ready to move quickly!


Going to the extreme in some way seems to be necessary for you to bring balance back to an aspect of your life. Friends, health and fitness link together…but don’t go overboard Capricorn…pace yourself.


Tune in for next weeks episode! Better not to miss it Aquarius, even though you do seem to be having second thoughts about an on-going saga that just seems to keep taking you around in circles. But the good news is – you are about to be catapulted forward so fast into your future that you won’t have any time to really think about it!


Pretending you are happy will make you miserable in the long run, so why not take a chance and be totally honest with the people that are concerning you. Indeed, the time is coming when you are about to speak your mind, and even you will be surprised by your words!


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