The Wait – 17th January 2015

Psychic Journal Post – The Wait

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The Wait – 17th January, 2015

Many of us may feel that we have been taking one step forward and 2 steps back over the past few weeks, and now, even though new doors are beginning to open, it is a time to think carefully about the next moves that we make in our lives, rather than hurrying to grasp the opportunities that we can see. If we move ahead too quickly, many will find that people change their minds and positions will be in for a re-shuffle. This could be either positive or negative depending on each individuals pathway and some unfortunate Souls may be led into a position that leads to hard times ahead, so it is best to have a plan B and C ready as backup! The key is to bide time and remain patient for now and only make changes where absolutely necessary. March will surely be the best time to make those all important life changing decisions.

Much is being considered behind closed doors at this time, and we can expect shocking and surprising developments to arise out of the blue, but overall, this leads to a unity and comradeship that could not have occurred in any other way. This is not a time to second guess the actions of others, but rather we must trust our instincts implicitly. Expect long delays amidst major disruptions, particularly at airports, and on the roads as freak weather conditions take hold. Hemel Hempstead and Luton will be in the news. The return of an old friend can lead to a major change of life direction for some of us in the very near future. Whatever has been confusing or been proving difficult will become clearer and more easier to deal with and if something has been blocking the way forward, it is about to be removed!



Captivate that person or thing that you love, it is yours!


Your words and actions can open new doors, surprises are in store and success is sure to be yours now.


Don’t just think about it, it’s time to get up and do it! Outstanding results await when you do.


Don’t worry, all that appears wrong or difficult is actually leading you in the RIGHT direction, PATIENCE.


You seem to be in a wistful mood as far away places feature strongly now – you are about to bring the Past, Present and the Future together all in one day.


What you are thinking may be more of an illusion rather than reality – time to come back down to earth and think things through more carefully before you leap.


If it seems to good to be true, it will be – its okay to change your mind!


Your views and needs are far apart from a partners – can you meet in the middle? Perhaps, but it won’t last long – you’ll need to think again!


Whatever will be, will BE, so worry less about the confusion and difficulties that seem to be upsetting your plans at this time – expect the best outcome and that is what you will get – you’ll soon see!


Be careful what you wish for at this time, as it can easily come true now but may prove more stressful than you envisaged. If you can let go of those nagging doubts and fears, you’ll find it easier to get through these times.


Someone is going to break a promise that was made to you, but it will prove to be the best thing that could have happened as you will see during the coming 2 months.


Going round in circles has made for a frustrating experience, but now you can a new pathway opening and it looks CLEAR, so you can go straight ahead – just for a change!


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