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Love & Relationships is a significant part of our life experience through which we learn many of our most important life lessons.

As Souls, we are all born into life on Earth to learn and grow, and to help us do that we will connect with teacher / karmic soulmates, companion soulmates and possibly a false or true twin flame along the way in order to create our life experiences and to learn the lessons through them.

From the time we are born, we begin to develop our relationships. We learn much through relationships with our parents, family members, friends, carers, teachers and whoever else may be closely involved in our lives. These people are in effect either teacher / karmic soulmates or companion soulmates. It is rare to connect with a false or true twin flame early in life as there are usually many lessons to learn first before those kind of connections can be made.


Love & Relationships

The people in our lives will either be there to support us in a positive way to make life easier or they will create challenges to make life difficult, but whatever the situation or circumstances, we learn what we are supposed to through the experience. It may be shared interests that brings people together, or it may be a set of circumstances that paves the way for a significant connection to be made, but either way, the people who are meant to become a part of our lives will only be there at exactly the right time and when we are meant to have their influence in our lives.

In any relationship that develops and progresses, there are ALWAYS life lessons to be learnt through the relationship experience. Whether it’s a positive or negative experience truly depends on what we are supposed to learn through the people that we are connected with and the karma that needs to be resolved. While positive relationships can make us feel happy, contented and energised, negative relationships have the opposite effect and can be draining and detrimental to our well-being.

In every type of close relationship, there is always a karmic tie between the two people. It is an unseen energy force that draws them towards each other to repay the karmic debt accumulated in a past lifetime. Once the karma is resolved, the relationship may either come to an end, or continue happily ever after . . .

One Question Love & Relationships Email Psychic Reading

For this reading, you can ask ONE specific question related to Love and Relationship Matters such as, Marriage, Divorce, Partnerships, Love Triangles, Family Issues, and Friendships. Your answer will contain ALL that Spirit reveals for you to know in relation to your question and situation at the time of your reading.

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