Are Follow-Up Questions Answered?

Are Follow-Up Questions Answered?

Email psychic readings are given on an ‘AS IS’ basis

An email psychic reading should be accepted on an ‘AS IS’ basis as your Psychic can only give you the insights and predictions that Spirit reveals for you to know at the time of the reading. Should your email psychic reading inspire you to ask further questions, you will need to purchase another email psychic reading. To get the answers to your follow-up questions, your Psychic will in effect have to do a new reading.

Please be aware that if you have follow-up questions because you feel that your initial question was not properly answered, it usually means that it is not the right time for you to have the insight that you wanted. Spirit will only reveal what you are meant to know at any specific time. EVERY THING in life occurs in divine timing and order, and this includes your psychic reading and the insight that it provides you with, so in effect, you will ONLY ever get the answers that you seek at exactly the RIGHT TIME on your path and not before.

If you knew everything before an event was supposed to occur, the event may not unfold as it is meant to. By knowing too much to soon, you could feel tempted to act prematurely in a situation, and repercussions could occur that take you in a direction that wasn’t truly intended for you. You could then spend years trying to get back on the right track. When we know too much, the temptation to act on what is known can in some situations be overwhelming and so it could be too easy to act prematurely and prevent what should have happened from happening. Of course, this can happen if it is meant to, but we are naturally prevented from knowing what we aren’t supposed to know and what we need to know is only revealed at the right time.

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