Time Frames

Time Frames

Will a predicted event still occur if it has not happened within the time frame given?

Time as we know it does not truly exist in our Universe, in fact, the timing of ANY aspect of your life is actually controlled by ENERGIES from the planets in transit rather than linked to a clock or calendar on the wall, so although you may be given timing, it is best to keep an open mind as the timing of events may not occur in the way that you expect it.

These examples below are based on true experiences and show how time frames can work out.

i)  Claire had a reading in 2000 following her divorce. She was told by a Psychic that a new man was coming into her life, but she was also told that she wouldn’t marry this man and that there would be another man in 8 years time. Isobel went away thinking that it would be 8 years from 2000. In 2002, the first man arrived in her life, and marriage wasn’t truly an option as it proved to be a difficult karmic relationship. In 2010, the second man finally arrived on the scene, 8 years after she met the first man!

ii)  Kara was told that she would be offered a new job in May, she assumed it would happen in the coming month of May, but May came and went with no job in sight. In fact, another year passed before her new job finally arrived in her life during the month of May.

So as you can see, it is best to keep an open mind about time frames and simply TRUST that events will happen eventually at exactly the RIGHT time.

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