Psychics Answer Same Question Differently

Psychics Answer Same Question Differently

Why Do Psychics Give A Different Answer To The Same Question?

If you regularly have psychic readings, whether by email, telephone or chat from different psychics, and ask the same or very similar question repeatedly, you may find that Psychics give you conflicting answers.

There are a number of reasons why Psychics answer differently, in fact, it is a common occurrence, but unfortunately it leaves the Client feeling very confused and less trusting of Psychic Readers. If you find that you are getting conflicting answers to the same question, it is time for you to step back and wait to see what happens instead of trying to force an answer that just isn’t there for you to know.

Please be aware that:-

i) If you receive readings where Psychics answer differently, it is very possible that each Psychic is reading the same person or situation but they may be seeing different aspects of it. It may be that a situation is on-going or the same situation keeps ending and then re-occurring and the outcome may be different every time, so hence it’s not too surprising that confusion reigns when having multiple readings from different psychics that relates to the same person or situation.

Remember that when a Psychic does a reading for you, s/he has NO control over the insight that Spirit reveals. A Psychic can ONLY TRUST that Spirit is giving information that the Client will relate to either in the present or at some point in their future.

ii) Spirit will ONLY reveal what you are MEANT to know at EXACTLY the RIGHT TIME. This is because we each have an individual LIFE PLAN at Soul level, and throughout our lives, we naturally THINK, FEEL, and ACT in synchronicity with the UNIVERSE and the PLANETARY ENERGIES, and if you were to know everything before the RIGHT TIME, you could change your life in a way that wasn’t meant to be a part of your life plan.

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