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There are many choices when it comes to choosing our Career and most of us are drawn to a particular field of work for which we have a natural ability to do. The path is rarely straight forward though, and we are all likely to encounter many twists and turns and various challenges along the way.

Some people are destined to be more fortunate than others, and may gain a prestigious career, while others may struggle to find a job at all.

Whatever any individual’s work position may be, whether it be an Entrepreneur, Stock Broker, Social Worker, Office Worker, Manual Worker, Voluntary Worker, Stay-At-Home Mum or Dad, or Unemployed, each one is exactly where they are MEANT to be on their Career & Work path at any given time with the higher purpose of learning their life lessons through their experience.


One Question Career & Work Email Psychic Reading

For this reading, you can ask ONE specific question related to Career and Work matters, such as Unemployment, Redundancy, Employment, Promotion, Issues with Colleagues or your Future Career Prospects.

Your reading will contain all insights and predictions that Spirit reveals in relation to your question at the time of your reading.

Response Times & Delivery

Your psychic reading will be delivered to the email address that you provide on the booking form usually within the times shown below.

Email psychic readings purchased on Sunday – Thursday: Response within 2-3 days.
or purchased on Friday or Saturday: Response within 3-4 days.

Please Note: Response times stated are approximate and you may receive your reading sooner or slightly later.

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On the booking form, you will need to provide your Name, Location, DOB, Your Question, and Email Address.


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A Psychic Reading is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE ONLY. You MUST be aged 18 YEARS OR OLDER to purchase a psychic reading. In accordance with UK Law, advice is NOT provided for Financial, Legal or Health issues, (including Health during Pregnancy and Paternity issues), and questions of this nature will NOT be answered.


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