Will My Psychic Reading Be Accurate?

Will my psychic reading be accurate?

When Jane reads for you, it is with the intention of giving you accurate insights. She always endeavours to deliver the truth, however, she does not claim to be 100% accurate and offers no guarantees. She has received excellent feedback from many satisfied Clients over the years, and this is a marvellous testimony of how accurate her email psychic readings are.

It is important to understand that when any Psychic reads for you, that Psychic does not know you personally, and therefore all information that the Psychic acquires through the use of their gift is based on the Psychic’s TRUST in Spirit and the Universe to provide the right information that is meant for you.

It is a fact that the spiritual connection between the Psychic and Client has to be strong in order for the Client to receive a good reading, also if the spiritual connection is karmic or weak, then the Client is more likely to receive inaccuracies in a reading or possibly the Psychic may not be able to connect at all, and so it is important for you as a Client to trust your instincts and choose the Psychic that you feel most drawn towards as the spiritual connection is most likely to be strong. The Universe works in such a way, that when you are MEANT to have the answers that you need, the RIGHT Psychic will be there for you.

It is also important for you to be aware that if a Psychic reading appears inaccurate, it may also be that the TIMING is inaccurate rather than the predictions, however, unfortunately, NO Psychic has any control over the timing that Spirit reveals and the apparent inaccuracy always has a higher purpose, which is often revealed further down the path at some point. (Please read Time Frames to learn more about timing.) From a Spiritual perspective, when you request a psychic reading, at Soul level, although you may or may not realise it, you are actually requesting Divine Intervention from Spirit and the overall intention of your psychic reading is for you to receive guidance that takes you in the right direction to fulfill your Soul’s purpose on Earth, it is not actually about a Psychic being right or wrong.

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