Reading For An Absent Client

Reading For An Absent Client

How can a Psychic read for a Client who isn’t in their physical presence?

You were born with a life plan, and the Universe will do everything within it’s power to help you achieve what your Soul planned to do whilst in body on Earth. The Universe, therefore, will also work to ensure that you connect with all the right people on your pathway too. The power of the Universe is purely ENERGIES, and the source of these energies are the Planets within our solar system.

The Soul of every living being is constantly connected to the Source as it consistently receives the energies from the Planets. The energies are actually what creates the FEELINGS that an individual feels throughout their lives. For instance, the Universe holds the power to make us happy, but it also holds the power to make us ill if that is a part of the life plan and the experience that we are meant to have whilst on Earth. The energies are as vital to our existence as oxygen is, without the energies we would not be able to exist, they are our LIFE FORCE. The energies literally FORCE each one of us to create the life that our Souls planned to live. Each planet emits a different energy – for instance, Mars produces an energy that forces ACTION, whilst Venus may force an act of LOVE, Pluto may force an act that is DESTRUCTIVE whilst Saturn the teacher planet, can make us learn very hard life lessons.

When energies combine, the life forces may produce negative or positive outcomes. And so how it is with the planetary energies is also exactly how it is with Human Beings too as we FEEL the energies and often ACT on them – the bottom line is that we ARE the energies in all that we do on Earth. As an example, the energy of Mars is one of ACTION, so if you have too much of Mars energy within you, you may experience a lack of sleep all the while the Mars energy is the greater force. As the planets transit and change positions in the solar system, the energies that the Soul receives also change, and in turn what we FEEL changes too. Some planetary transits can last for hours, while other transits can last for many years.

How the transits affect us as individuals links to how the planets were aligned at the specific time of an individual’s birth, so therefore only the individuals born in the same place, on the same day and at the same time will have exactly the same LIFE FORCE. Their lives will not be the same however, as their life plans will be different, but they will need the same LIFE FORCE ENERGIES to achieve their goals.

If you are meant to connect with a Psychic, it will be a part of your life plan, and the energies will naturally work to align you to connect with the Psychic at exactly the right time on your pathway in perfect synchronicity. When you connect with a Psychic for a reading, the Psychic reads for you by connecting with your energies. A Psychic usually refers to the energies as SPIRIT.


What is Spirit?

After reading the above, you may now be wondering what or who Spirit is exactly. When we hear the word Spirit, we may think of a Ghost, and yes, Spirit can be a Ghost, but to a Psychic, SPIRIT is a formation of ENERGIES. The energies appear in different forms, so we might FEEL, HEAR, SMELL or SEE Spirit.



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