Freewill Or Fate?

Do we have freewill or is it fate?

During our lifetimes, we are presented with many choices. Some people believe that we have free will to make our own choices, and other people believe that fate intervenes and makes our decisions for us.

While it may appear that we have freewill to make our own decisions, it could be that our actual choices are pre-determined and that the Soul already knows the choice that will be made, so in effect, fate is already decided. The life force energies tend to push us in a certain direction when our choices are presented, and for one reason or another, we are led to make a specific choice. Sometimes, we are influenced to make a particular choice by another person. Other times, an opportunity may just simply disappear, leaving only one way to go. Either way, we can call it fate. Also, consider that our own freewill doesn’t make an opportunity disappear . . . but fate can.

Do our life choices really make any difference to our fate?

Any choice that we make always leads to something, whether that something exceeds or meets our expectations or doesn’t match our expectations at all, but again that is fate.

There will be times when it will appear that the ‘wrong’ choice was made and we may even get to choose again from the same opportunities further down the pathway. Even if a choice is made that leads to disappointment or a painful situation, it does not mean that it was wrong; because at Soul level, we will always make the RIGHT decision at any particular time in order to learn the RIGHT life lessons, whether positive or negative. Any choice that we make, not only affects us, but it usually has an effect on at least one other person too in some way, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Even the seemingly minor decisions that we make in our daily lives (which could be as simple as deciding to change our shoes, skipping a meal, washing our hands, or forgetting something and having to go back for it), may slow an event down, speed things up, place us in the ‘right place’ at the right time, or at worse, even place us in the ‘wrong place’, but basically our decisions keep us in perfect timing with others whom we are meant to connect with on our pathways – and of course in perfect timing with our fate.

Are we living our fate?

At Soul (energetic) level, we are constantly connected and in communion with other Souls to ensure that we meet our fate. Telepathy is one way that we communicate with other souls, but only some people are conscious of the ability. Whatever choice we make in life, it is the RIGHT decision, because from the moment we are born, we all begin to live our fate.

The bottom line is that some of us are actually born to learn some very hard life lessons, while some of us are not, and there are some people in the world who don’t even seem to have a choice of the kind of lifestyle they are destined to live – they can only live their fate.


This article Freewill or Fate may or may not resonate with you, but at the very least it may have provided ‘food for thought’.

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