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Within every living creature on this planet, there is a Soul, and just as we are here to learn and influence the lives of others, so are our pets too.

All animals have individual personalities and experience emotions, just like we do. You can learn much about your pets basic and emotional needs simply by observing it’s behaviour. You may also find it helpful to have a pet email psychic reading to gain spiritual insight to help you deal with any issues that your pet may have.

There are times when it can be difficult to understand what a pet is trying to communicate. Developing a good routine for feeding, grooming and handling helps a pet to learn to trust and feel comfortable with their owner. An unhappy, fearful, nervous pet is more likely to be defensive, aggressive and difficult to control, whereas a happy, contented pet is usually more trusting and a good companion for it’s owner.


How Our Pets Can Influence Our Lives

Let’s take a quick look at a few of the most common Pets and the influences that they bring into our lives.

The presence of fish in our lives usually indicates that a significant life change is on it’s way. This change rarely happens overnight, it may take a number of years, but throughout those years, it will be a time of preparation for that change. The major change often arises within a few months after the fish are no longer present.

Guinea-pigs promote balance, well-being, and stability. Life flows more easily and stable connections are made.

Hamsters promote harmony, peace and serenity while changes are occurring.

Rabbits encourage creativity and spiritual growth. Family is important. Repetition is likely as there is something to learn. A significant goal is in sight when the rabbit is present.

Cats bring protection and healing, while promoting independence and stability. A Cat is the keeper of secrets and the giver of gifts. One gift you are likely to receive in some way is FREEDOM.

Dogs have much to teach us about unconditional love, companionship, loyalty, reliability, and respect. A Dog is the great protector and reflector, since it usually gives back what it receives.

Every animal deserves a happy life, so if you have a concern regarding your Pet, a reading can give you the insights that you need to help your Pet.


The One Question Pets Email Psychic Reading

For this reading, you can ask ONE specific question that relates to your Pet. It may be that you have concerns about your Pet’s behaviour or would simply like to gain insight about your Pet’s likes and dislikes.

Your reading will contain all insights and predictions that Spirit reveals in relation to your question at the time of your reading.

Delivery and Response Times

Your psychic reading will be delivered to the email address that you provide on the booking form usually within the times shown below.

Email psychic readings purchased on Sunday – Thursday: Response within 2-3 days.
or purchased on Friday or Saturday: Response within 3-4 days.

Please Note: Response times stated are approximate and you may receive your reading sooner or slightly later.

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