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spiritual development

Spiritual development is a learning process that begins when your Soul activates your awakening. As you begin to awaken, you will feel drawn to explore your Spirituality, and life will gradually take on a whole new meaning. As your awareness increases, you will realise just how little you knew about your SELF and Life before your spiritual awakening.

Your psychic abilities and your understanding of Self, Spirit and the Universe NATURALLY increase as you ascend to higher levels of conscious awareness. This is called Ascension.

Ascension is a process that cannot be rushed and must be embraced if you are to learn to TRUST your HIGHER SELF (your Soul) and the UNIVERSE. Jane offers this Spiritual Development email psychic reading to provide supportive insight and guidance to those who are exploring their Spirituality and/or developing their Psychic abilities.


One Question Spiritual Development Email Psychic Reading

For this reading, you can ask ONE specific question that relates to your personal spiritual development, or your spiritual pathway.

Your Spiritual Development email psychic reading will contain all insights and predictions that Spirit reveals in relation to your question at the time of your reading.

Delivery and Response Times

Your psychic reading will be delivered to the email address that you provide on the booking form usually within the times shown below.

Email psychic readings purchased on Sunday – Thursday: Response within 2-3 days.
or purchased on Friday or Saturday: Response within 3-4 days.

Please Note: Response times stated are approximate and you may receive your reading sooner or slightly later.

Jane used to provide an email psychic readings service through Ebay, please click on the link to view genuine feedback.
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A Psychic Reading is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE ONLY. You MUST be aged 18 YEARS OR OLDER to purchase a psychic reading. In accordance with UK Law, advice is NOT provided for Financial, Legal or Health issues, (including Health during Pregnancy and Paternity issues), and questions of this nature will NOT be answered.


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