Time For Truth (July – September 2018)

Psychic Journal Post – Time For Truth

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Time For Truth (July – September 2018)

This is a time when many individuals will be looking back at the past. Plans will be put on hold while we are forced to work through issues we thought had either been resolved or had become dormant as time went by.

This may be a very emotional time for some, whereas others may find this phase somewhat exciting. It really depends on what side of the fence we have been on and how honest we have been with ourselves as to what we experience now. Being too trusting of others may lead some individuals into an undesirable situation. Other individuals may find themselves acting in ways that they don’t expect or understand.

Truths will surface, but as the saying goes “the truth will set you free” and that in effect will actually be a blessing, even though some individuals may not consider that to be the case at the time. Long term situations may come to an abrupt ending, and we may find people leave our lives, but it helps to understand that this sometimes has to happen in order to make space for the NEW to enter our lives.

A new chapter can’t begin if we are still clinging on to old situations and people that have no purpose for being in our lives anymore. We often only end up going around in circles when we cling to the past. It can hold us back, and prevent us from achieving our true potential, especially if those we are acquainted with don’t support our true purpose and efforts.

While this will be a somewhat tense and confusing phase, a light fun loving energy will arrive as we go into September. At that time, we will clearly see where we have been going wrong, and some individuals will find themselves having to do a u-turn to rectify a messy situation or to mend a relationship.

The important thing to remember through this time is that all is as it should be, and while progress will be slow, the Universe really does have it all in hand. When you can TRUST in the Universe, worry becomes a thing of the past to a great extent. Worrying is useless and all it does is drains energy that could be put to better use. While placing your trust in the Universe doesn’t guarantee a better or happier life, it does make the life challenges easier to deal with.

Until Next Time, Learn From The Experience And Appreciate The Journey 🙂






Time For Truth. Author: Jane
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