Time Of Completion (January – February 2020)

Insight For January – February 2020

– As we enter the year 2020, we will be in a time of completion and endings. With that however will come the new beginnings that many have been waiting for. We will be focused on those long drawn out negotiations, projects and situations that were subject to delays in 2019 and never reached completion or conclusion. There won’t be any more delays as we are now reaching the time when everything begins to fall into place. All will be fully settled by the month of March.

Being willing to work with others and to accept help will do much to enable us to achieve our own goals this year. We will find that others are more co-operative and supportive, so don’t be shy to ask for help if it is needed. There is strength in numbers and that will become clearly evident in many of our lives as we go through this year.

Clearing out is a general theme at this time, so don’t be too surprised if you feel the urge to start doing a bit of spring cleaning within your home. Some individuals may find that they are focused on a relationship or situation that has proved stressful and reached breaking point. Sometimes it is better to let go as it is in effect the only way to gain peace of mind and to make space for the NEW to enter our lives, so don’t be afraid to say goodbye. Yes, it may be the end of a chapter, but a new one will begin and with that will come more supportive influences and opportunities that will enable us to create a more stable and fulfilling life.

Whether money is an issue or not, expect to hear positive news that links to a financial gain. The generosity of powerful people will be surprising but also heartwarming.

A twist of fate will turn an enemy into a friend for those who are willing to let bygones be bygones. We may find that we are brought closer to a male who we have found to be intolerable or untrustworthy in the past. There will be a different tone to this relationship this time around and so he may deserve another chance. At Soul level, we will be learning to live in harmony with others in the year 2020, whereby there will be less conflict and more co-operation and consideration.

Whatever occurs in your life, don’t forget to ENJOY the journey 🙂



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