Wheel Of Fortune – 9th July 2015

Psychic Journal Post – Wheel Of Fortune

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wheel of fortune

Wheel Of Fortune – 9th July, 2015

The wheel of fortune is certainly turning at the moment, and fate is intervening in many individual’s lives at this time. If you are one who is trying to apply the brakes to slow down events in your life, you may as well place your foot on the accelerator instead, because the wheel is going to start turning faster until you reach your destination.

It is very possible that events will unfold so quickly that some individuals won’t have time to make solid arrangements before experiencing an abrupt ending to a long drawn out situation. They may even arrive at their destination in a state of disbelief and shock. That of course would be the worse case scenario, and so it helps to keep in mind that the outcome actually leads to very positive experience in the times ahead. The Universe does know what it is doing, even if we cannot perceive the outcome prior to any sudden changes. If this should be your experience, the key is to TRUST and LET GO of all that needs to be removed from your life, knowing that all will work out well in the end. Sometimes the OLD has to be removed from our lives before we are allowed to fully see the NEW. If that includes losing a form of security, it can be unnerving, especially if you cannot yet see what is going to replace it. There is no slowing down the process that is currently in motion, and events may seem to be totally uncontrollable, however, it is a journey that should be embraced, rather than feared, as it is designed to take each individual to a much better space than where they may be residing in their life at this time.

Some individuals have already reached their destination, but may be experiencing a ‘false’ new start – that new job for instance, may not be as good as they thought it would be, or their new rented home has troublesome neighbours next door, and so further changes may be necessary before life really settles down again.

The Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (Spring in the Southern) of this year will be a time when some individuals will finally be able to put down solid roots following a time of turmoil and upheaval. Until then however, the unexpected or the unusual may create a few problems or cause some confusion. Some individuals may be led astray if they appear to be wandering aimlessly on their pathways, particularly during August – it will help to avoid taking everyone at face value during this time as some people are more likely to have ulterior motives. It will be wise to take the time to think things through, rather than acting on impulse. Those who have their eyes firmly fixed on the future with the aim of achieving a specific goal will ultimately triumph over any adversity, but only if it is for the good of all.

If you are one who is feeling overwhelmed by the events occuring in your life, you are about to find your inner strength and will be rising up like the phoenix out of the ashes. You are going to come into your power and will be using it. Any one who may have considered you to be weak or fearful, will be surprised by the strength and courage that you show.

Some individuals will play a supportive role to those who experience high drama through this pivotal time. Selfishness has no place in events occurring now, and even those who have been hesitant to help in the past will step forward to offer their assistance.

United we stand, divided we fall, will prove so true now. Wherever possible, it helps to UNITE with others, it is certainly not a time to stand alone.

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You need to get away Aries, and many of you will be taking time out whether at home or abroad. Just be sure to check the reservation to avoid any disappointment. You may arrive, but not so sure about a significant other!


Step back and look at what you have achieved! Okay, so you are still not satisfied, and the question is ‘do you continue to wait?’ or ‘do you make the changes that you know are necessary?’ You’ll know the answer by the end of the month and there is a relative there to help you!


Been feeling a little sluggish Gemini? Time to get active and move that body…dancing the night away or some form of exercise will figure now more so than is usual for you. A certificate, rosette or medal is coming your way and will make you feel so proud. Spending time with elves and fairies may seem highly unlikely for many, but not for you Gemini, as you’re about to meet them at a party. Have fun!


Easy does it Cancer, noone likes you when you are angry! Taking orders will not be easy, but revenge is sweet, just give it a few days or so. The love that has been missing is back, and life will begin to move in the right direction at last. A proposal is about to make you very happy.


You are headstrong at this time, and it will help to think before you speak, especially when you find yourself embroiled in a financial disagreement. You won’t be paid the full amount and this somehow thwarts a home related plan. Patience Leo, the story will be different in just a month or two!


Discontented is likely to be your keyword at this time. There is something that you want, but there is also something that you can’t do, and it’s that what you can’t do, that will help you get the thing that you want. You are about to resolve the issue Virgo in a very simple way. So simple, you will wonder why you didn’t think of it before!


Are you connected or disconnected in matters of the heart? You are about to find out. An issue related to a relationship will be resolved in a sudden way, and it’s better than you expected Libra. A celebration may be in order!


Can you feel the love Scorpio? Being in denial never helps anyone, so isn’t it time to stop trying to avoid that conversation with that special someone, and step up to the mark. Everyone will know where they stand then, but ultimately the decision doesn’t appear to be yours – have patience Scorpio.


Letting go is never easy, but whatever you let go of during this time, will be a gift to another. Tears may be shed, but you will have reason to smile too, especially when a partnership gets underway. And LOVE? You will see it crossing over or near a bridge, and it’s just as you imagined. Feeling a little giddy Sagittarius? Perhaps it’s the height!


Waxworks, candles, beeswax, wax strips – you’ve guessed it, WAX is significant Capricorn. Just don’t go near the bee hive without protecting your self. That may also be advice to heed in regards to a relationship too. Where you feel the need to protect your self, take it seriously, and all will be well!


So you want to turn around and go back to square one – it does seem rather appealing to you at the moment. There is an issue that keeps you awake at night but to resolve it, would mean going back on your word. It’s time to speak now Aquarius or forever hold your peace.


Love is a feeling inside….and you can feel it Pisces! Perhaps it is time to tell someone how much you love them. You may have been apart or felt as though you were drifting apart, but now you come back together stronger than ever before. Your day is about to be made!


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